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Improving Our

The Charles County Delegations held public hearings and reviewed legislation that would improve the quality of life for residents in our district. Here are some of the bills that will specifically affect our district. 

ABA_3063 2.JPG

The number of speed cameras on Maryland Route 210 (Indian Head Highway) in Prince George’s County will be increased from three to six under HB435 - Speed Monitoring Systems. This bill also requires the State Highway Administration to report annually its recommendations for solutions to address accidents, injuries, and fatalities on the highway.  


Under HB437 Prince George's County Public Schools - Alterations to Title of Chief Executive Officer and Establishment of Office of Integrity and Compliance the title of the Chief Executive Officer is changed to the County Superintendent. The Prince George’s County Council must appoint an Integrity and Compliance officer. The Office of Integrity and Compliance will work to evaluate, examine, investigate, report on, and make recommendations on certain issues related to the Prince George's County public school system. 


HB1026 - Land Use - Development of Neglected Property authorizes Prince George's County to exercise powers to acquire and develop or redevelop, for a public purpose, certain neglected property located in the county that has been designated as a transit-oriented development and is located within a business improvement district. 


On June 30, 2023, the governing body of Charles County began granting tax credits under HB947 Charles County - Property Tax for certain emergency responders and their unmarried surviving spouses with an income of $150,000 or less.

The Charles County Delegation was able to bring home a total of $4,485,000 to fund projects that will benefit our constituents and community:



Historic Waldorf School   



Indian Head Grocery Initiative 



LIONS Camp Merrick Capital Improvements      



USBT Technology Training Campus at the Maryland Technology Center 

Screen Shot 2024-03-04 at 3.09.43 AM.png


Charles County Circuit Courthouse



Mattawoman Creek Art Center



Magnolia Gardens



Malcolm Elementary Electronic Sign    

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